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It is a very special thing to help another human feel better. Here are some testimonials form current and previous clients. Feel free to leave your own!

"Would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a new masseuse who uses a variety of great techniques depending on the individual's needs. Thank you again, Sarah! :)" ~Groupon client.

"Sarah was absolutely AMAZING with her magic hands! I found her business through a great Groupon deal and am very thankful that I was able to snag such a great find. She uses hot stones and great smelling oils, which most masseuses I've had do not use, at least not for me. It was a real nice treat that she was able to not only use gentle hands, but also used heat from the stones that soothed most of my upper back tension away. She's definitely different than other masseuses I've had because it's like she magically takes all the bad/negative energy out of you and creates a happy/positive bubble of energy around you during your session." ~Bria S. YELP

"This place is great. I am a athlete who requires a high level of work to get my body right and sarah is the best." ~Mark F. YELP

"Sarah is an amazing masseuse. I scheduled an hour long session today and left more than refreshed. She took time and put care into the progression from one area to the next. I appreciated hot stones, and warm towels included in her repertoire. I look forward to my next visit." ~Chad I. YELP

"Sarah is an awesome masseuse, period. She understands touch and has a great flow to her work. I've have injuries that can make massage a challenging experience, but her confidence puts me at ease whilst on her table." ~Ryan S. YELP

"Sarah is a professional licensed massage therapist. She truely does have the touch of serenity and periodically checkedin with me to see if the pressure she applied was appropriate to my injuries.This is the first massage therapy were I wasnt screaming or grimmacing in pain. She loosened the knot in my lower back & sharp pain on my right arm from my previous construction job and she loosened all my muscle torn running injuries from my  10K training for Wharf to Wharf. She does a complete body massage including hands, feet, and face. She specializes in swedish massage but also introduced me to hot bamboo. I think I fell asleep during the session. I try to have a massage once a month and Ive not had a regular masseuse, jumping from one to the next, but I will be a return client to Sarah."  ~Mackenzie S. YELP


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