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Meet our seasoned massage therapist Sarah Gault, bringing a wealth of experience since 2009 to the art of holistic healing. Specializing in an array of modalities, she employs tools such as hot stones, modern cupping therapy, warm bamboo, and CBD oils to create a customizable experience for each client. Beyond the tangible, she integrates energy work like Reiki and Polarity, adding a spiritual dimension to her sessions.

Her expertise is not just a claim – it's validated by glowing reviews across various online platforms, a testament to the profound impact she has on her clients. Many choose to work with her regularly, whether on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis, attesting to the enduring benefits of her therapeutic touch.

Dedicated to her clients

For a decade, she has called Willow Glen home, dedicating herself to private practice. It's a space where healing is not just a service but an immersive journey, tailored to individual needs. Additionally, she has enriched the lives of the Santa Cruz County community for the past six years, fostering wellness and relaxation in a coastal haven.

Step into her sanctuary, where a decade of expertise meets a heart dedicated to healing. Experience the synergy of traditional and modern modalities, the warmth of hot stones, the precision of cupping, and the nurturing touch of warm bamboo. Let her guide you through an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation, where each session is a testament to her long term commitment to well-being.


                                                                Sarah Gault (Massage Therapist, Energy worker, K9 Massage Practitioner) Massage Therapist, Cupping Therapy, bodyworker, massage therapy, experienced 15 years                                                                                                    

"Sarah is such a conpassionate and highly skilled message and healing professional. She is an expert and provides top level service. I go to Sarah regularly and I highly recommend her."                                                                                        Gina C.  Jun 2023


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