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Massage for PTSD

How Massage Can Help Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, from a medical point of view, is effectively a chemical imbalance in the brain caused by severe trauma or stress. When you are witness to a terrifying or stressful event your fight or flight instinct kicks in and it can be difficult to switch off this heightened emotional reaction. In fact an inability to switch off and relax from a heightened sense of anxiety and tension is one of the main symptoms of PTSD. Massage can help to control this on a simple and fundamental level because one of the main aims of massage is to relax tensed muscles. When the PTSD sufferers muscles are constantly tense and ‘ready for action’ this can cause them physical as well as emotional pain. However massage can help to ease this as well as to encourage the person to relax and take time out to focus on themselves: as well as encourage themselves to feel vulnerable in front of another person, no doubt for the first time in a long time.



"Sarah is an exceptional massage therapist and provides the most relaxing and well needed massage. Her space is very tranquil and calming as you enter to begin your service. The whole time it feels as if your are floating on a cloud because Sarah works hard to deal with problem areas and to ensure that her clients feel their best upon departure. My neck and should pain discomfort has dwindled thanks to Sarah and her listening to my needs and helping alleviate any discomfort".   Tanner K.  Jan 2023

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